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Nostalgy about ex-work

Thinking about quantum mechanical stuff I have... Of course, it is interesting, nice direction of physics, but it is 4 years of hard, increadibly heard work.. Thinking what to do. There are several ways, as usually:
1) work hard;
2) marriage;
3) find job that fits to my experience in marketing and DataBases.

Thinking about the last possible way. No, I can not say that PhD is boring or not interesting, just sometimes seems that it is not for me. Sad. Luckily, I have some stuff here from my ex-work, a lot of projects I did during last 3 years, and I still remember a lot, at least I can renew some knowledges. But:

1) I need to improve my german;
2) I need to sort all the stuff I have;

Let me wait till the end of this year. Then I will decide whether I love this job or no. But seems it is really not mine, dont get satisfaction, different mentality, professor seems not honest with me, and it pushes on me sometimes. Besides, I am getting dependent on "my love" that help me with programming stuff and so. But I really love another man, and it also kills me a bit too much. I think, I should try pharmacy, at least to write a nice CV and send them. I had been working for 3 years, and my Master thesis is also about medicine. Why not?

There is also a nice way, the easiest - to be with "my love". He does quite well: he is buying 3-rooms flat, his parents are rich, I can work in their company. BUT I don't love him. It hurts when I see how strongly he loves me, how many things he does for me. Seems, I am a real bitch :(

But the biggest problem is german as a communicate language....
Nice pharmaceutical companies are in Switzerland, german is different there. And I even don't know pure german. So, I have to wait for some time - 3-5 months till I will be able to speak really nice german... maybe, for that time I will love somehow my PhD. I dont know. We will see...