loyal_fr (loyal_fr) wrote,

Weather...morning coffee...physics,...

Yesterday the weather was so fine! We were cycling for some time, then visited two bars  with a nice beer, it was amazing... yep, life sometimes is good, sometimes it brings you surpises, sometimes leaves you disappointed.

Today I woke up hard... Looked at the window - it was raining. Shitty weather. My stuff at the balcony is still wet. And tre rain in my soul, too. No wish to work, no wish to do smth useful. SItting at work now, trying to learn someting, and my hand is at LJ. Hm... The organizator of uni work has just come.. We will teach students... Do not know if it is good or no. It takes a looot of free time and students are not good in English, so need a dictionary, that I have to read right during lessons...Hopefully soon I will be ok....
Tags: Лытдыбр

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