loyal_fr (loyal_fr) wrote,

Birthday of my love and every day's problem...

"My love" has a birthday today. Having no time in the morning, I quickly run to the nearest perfume-shop to buy something that smells good. Finally, I found a good one. Good that hagen doesn't know that it is parfume from Enrique Iglesias :))) hihihihi WHat is more pleasant - they packed me in the shop my present without any additional payments!!!! goood!!!!! =)

So, today we go to the restaurant, I have no time to change my clothes at home, but I am in a nice red blouse with nice earrings ;) hope, Hagen will like it! But don't want to go to his place for the night..it is not the best idea. I like to sleep in my place! ;))

ABout PhD:

1) my students found the solutions of last tasks quite well, so I didn't spend a lot of time to correct;
2) BUT I need urgently till next week abstract to go to Dresden conference in march. There should be some good results and a lot of work to be done. I need it, but it is not such task...

As for Dresden, my supervisor tells that since he already payed for me, he doesn't care if I don' t write an abstract. I have to do it anyway!!! :) Hope on his help. At least, a little bit...... ;))))

Tags: my every days' routine..., phd in germany

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