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Again report day

Today I need to report before the boss about what has been done by me during the week in the form of abstract. So, my results:

- Friday - trying to find out the right statistical formula; no results;
- Saturday-Sunday - didn't sleep, thinking about the problem; 2 new working formulas;
- Monday - typing a possible abstract for Dresden conference. Difficult to find of what to write. Typed 1 page. Tired. 14.00 - 2 hours seminar.
- Tuesday - preparing to the seminar with my students on Wednesday, checking control works, new topic about reference frames etc.
- Wednesday - morning - preparing to the seminar and filling out the list of students' marks; afternoon - seminar actually; evening - writing down the stuff that I already have. Wrote 7 pages. Tired. Realized that formulas I found out during Week-end are not correct. Disappointed. Didnt find new formulas. Went home at 23.00. Exhausted. Eyes hurt.

The week is gone. And no results, except of 2-3 averaged plots......

I feel that my death is coming... and what is a pity - I was working the whole time.... ;((((((