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Tasks for my students

I am shocked. Got a letter last night from my student about the difficulty of the tasks in physics... I  am still thinking what to do:

" Hello Ms ...,

i know that my tasks will be mostly incorrect this time. I am sorry about that. However, i did spend the whole Friday and Sunday trying to solve them, i asked more than 10 other ingeneering students if they had a clue and they couldn't help as well. This is also partly the reason why i didn't solve number 3 on my own but just copied wikipedia, i ran out of time. I also had a presentation to prepare this weekend and to do mathmatics homework (and i should have done informatics as well but thanks to physics i had no time to do informatics on the weekend. It has been this way since a month). I can not keep up spending that much time on physics homework. If the next tasks are really as hard as these were i will not solve them anymore. Also besides not having time i have no morale of doing them since obviously they only refer in topic to the lectures of Prof. Jakobs, not in content. So i have to learn a whole lot of new stuff just to understand the task, then learn how to calculate with it and finally come up with a solution all by myself. This is not what i thought "tasks to check if you have understood the lectures your Prof gave you" means. I would be off way better if i would skip the lectures and use the time instead to learn it (and much more) by myself since it looks like i have to do that anyway. I also know about 5 other students, they are also engineering students and they gave up doing the tasks a long time ago. One of them tried to get back into doing the tasks on a regular basis but i don't think he will ever touch the exercises again after this week.
Also the difficulty difference between ingeneer and physics student is not given at any point. If i can solve the exercises it would usually take me about 5-20 minutes to solve the extra points for physic students only. If it takes me about 7+ hours for a single task to solve it, that is ridiculous.

I tried to ask Prof. ... once if he could help me with a problem i had with a task (it was an understanding problem). But he told me he never ever sees the tasks nor has any interest in them since the CERN in Genf would consume all of his time. I was really shocked back then and i don't think it would do any good asking him again about the tasks. So you are the only one i can ask to ask someone capable of changing the way it is right now.
In informatics the one who creates the tasks is there in every single lecture (although the Prof does tell the exact same stuff every 4 years or so) so he can exactly check how much the students know and therefore are capable of solving. Also the Prof himself does know about how all of the tasks were planned. In mathmatics the one in charge for the tasks doesn't listen to the lectures but gets informed exactly about how the lectures went and informes the Prof about anything that pops up.
This results in the tasks being fair to the students, solvable yet still not easy... "

The problem is that control tasks with every week are getting more and more difficult, and my students not able to do them anymore... I will try to ask the responsible lady to make tasks easier or so, but it still may not help. Besides, I am afraid, I have quite different mentality, and I don't know what it is possible to do in such a shitty situation...

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