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Somehow lately I am getting more and more angry. Do not know why. Strange. Not typical for me. Seems like I am with wrong people or what???

Yesterday after the work I did all the necessay stuff at home: washed my clothers, iron it, ate, watching last news at the internet, went with a bycicle to HB. Then took Albena to my friend#s place for the barbeque. We ate quite a lot, drinking beer and wine, it was really funny! And, of course, my ''love'' was there, warming me. The it got a bit cold and finally we decided to go to the party (some kind of student's party). Since I had my ukrainian student#s card it was not a problem to get  there for free, the same for Albena. But the music... Probably, I am not a fan of rock, including punk, rock'n'roll, indian rock etc. Sorry. Probably, my friends liked it, so I decided to stay. But some of the songs were too hard for my weak brain, tired frrom quantum mechanics... :( Finally, at 2 a.m. we got home. My "love", having decided to sleep this night with me, didn't want to go home.... ufffff... so, finally we didn't sleep well. Of course, in such a narrow bed. So, in the morning I FEEL REALLY ANGRY AND NOT SATISFIED.

Life is really cruel thing. He really likes (or maybe loves) me, but I don'. Only friends. He wants to be together all the time. I am not ably. I am just getting angry. Every day I let him go away from my house, opening the doors. And every day he wants to stay. Every day he wants to go out together, but every day I feel more and more that I am tired from him. And of course, I feel angry and a bit upset. Real shit. Just got SMS from him: "hello! thank u for the possibility to stay in your place. Miss u". As usually, I don't answer. As usually, he will call me later. Hope, it will be not bad in STuttgard at least.

Ok, itäs time to go back to quantum walks and stop thinking of it... Have a nice day!
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