loyal_fr (loyal_fr) wrote,

Ich brauch eine Freundin!

After 3 hours of work with statistical ansamble in quantum mechanics, I realized what is wrong with me. Typically... I need a friend. Girl-friend. And not german-speaking, but Russian or ok, English-speaking. It is shitty not to talk to your friends (girls, I mean), not to discuss plans etc. Would like to discuss plans, guys, work at least and to be able to express my thoughts normally! Right now I have two german-speaking friends - sister of my bf and my neighbour. But it is still difficult to talk to them...  I t is stressful for me to talk german every time...and all the time.. feel some kind of loneliness. Ira, where r u? Elena, I miss u...

And, probably, this diary (this shit) is also only for my thoughts (I don#t care if somebody reads my thoughts). Hopefully, one day, being free from my BF, I will be ably to discribe my last travelling and to show you the photos I made. Right now no time. Feeling tired from everything new. And at lot of housework...

Friendinnen, wo seid ihr? Ich vermisse euch...

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