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Lukashenko is the BEST!

Week-end was, as usually, a bit far away from Freiburg, but it was very-very nice. Actually, I was in ZH.. As usually, this city really attracts me a lot (although I can not say that Basel is ugly). But Basel is another story.. Maybe, next time.

In Zürich the weather was really bad, -10° and a lot of snow... I saw on the TV, that there were some problems at the airport (wow, 335 flights were not able to  be performed... ) It really makes me sad. Incredible....

That's why I spent the most of the time at home, watching TV and some films in german (good lessons, by the way). Learned about 10 new words, not wasting my time :))

And today I have to work again. Pity but this is the only way to live :)

Ok, have a nice evening!

PS: Conglatulations to Lukashenko! I knew he would win!
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