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Some time ago I wrote that many European cities seem to be more or less equal: rivers, stone roads, old architecture etc. I was wrong! I had not see Amsterdam before!

It is really difficult to express all my feelings about this wonderful, incredibly attractive city that let you feel real freedom! The atmosphere of Amsterdam is such that you feel you can do what you want. You can walk the whole night along beautiful canals, enjoying full moon, you can observe funny non-straight houses around you, you can reach your art education with museum visits, you can catch a sexy girl in "Red Light District", you can smoke marihuana, you can eat smart mushrooms, you breath with party-every-day air. Many possibilities, aren't they? What can be better for the tourists?

Guess the first thing we did in Amsterdam... Sure, we ate! National dutch food is very simple - potatooe with some carrot and beaf meat. Looks attractive:


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