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Differences between german and chinese people (german opinion)

Differences between german and chinese people (german opinion)

Today I am gonna discuss a german character. I have already seen enough differences between russian (i.e. ex-USSR ) and german mentalities. For example, my college says it is old fashion, when the guys pay for their girls while I find it nice, and this doesn't mean that I will sleep with the guy who has payed for me today.

But let us consider things that seem much "easier" than "who pays"  :) so, what are the differences between the life ways of german and chinese people from the german point of view?

1. Punctuality

There is an opinion that german people always come in time. I would not say so. NO. Especially about german trains that are nearly always delayed, and very often for 30 minuts or even 1 hour, or just cancelled. Nice punctuality! Chinese people come more or less in time, up to 15 minus delay is quite OK for them.

2. Lifestyle

German people are individualists. Even my students almost never "collaborate" with others, although it is OK at our uni. It is not Russia or China where it is important to find out who did homework indeed and who just rewrote it :)

3. Meetings

Meetings of german people remind me small exitations of the network; meetings of chinese people - complex network, clusterization, maybe, even complete graph, where all the nodes are connected with each other.

4. Parties

See e.g. part 3)

5. On Sunday

Freiburg seems really dead city on Sunday: the shops are closed, no people. Do the germans do big parties and sleep afterwards the whole Sunday? Or, maybe, they do some housework? Chinese people go out, and a lot, every Sunday. And the way round: in China, you can find many people at the streets with children and so on. Probably, there are just too many people in China...

6. In the reastaurant

In the following Figure, one can see the sound vawes of german and chinese people while eating in the restaurant. German people prefer to eat quickly, pay & go, but chinese people prefer loooong eating procedure discussing some topics.

7. Travelling

Chinese people are always making photos...everywhere... :) perhaps, because they would like to share with their impressions with people from the graph theory (see, e.g. 2)

8. Beauty

German women are happy to lay in the sun as well as to get a nice tent as a result. Chinese women use umbrellas to stay pile as a result. Just different opinions about the beauty standards.

9. Problems? Solutions!

Chinese people do not like to deal with problems, and what is more - to solve them. They prefer to avoid finding the solution. Of course, you can avoid it, maybe, today or tomorrow... But not forever. Does it help indeed? Germans prefer to search for the right solution as quickly as it is possible. Is it an ego-problem? See next picture!

10. EGO

Here, I cannot comment a lot. This should be pretty easy clear.

11. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Chinese people always eat warm food. Germans like to eat warm lunch, but for dinner and breakfast - no. Although durig week-ends, they like to have family dinner, where one eats, for sure, warm "Hauptgerichte", traditionally with fried meet. They hate porriges! As for the german breakfast - it is quite often sweet (brrrrrrrr...), croissans, butter, and, of course, marmelade (honey). Also coffe latte. Funny thing: if you order latte in Russia, you will get coffee with some milk. In Germany also. In Switzerland you may get milk. "Latte" means "milk" in Italian. Funny.

12. Old people

Chinese old people like to go for a walk with their grandchildren. German people do the same, but with the dogs. Sure, why not..? But will the dog bring you a glass of water when you are really old and unable to take it by your own? This fact always surprises me. I would rather take care about children when I am old... seems, more reasons..

13. Shower time

German people have shower in the morning, chinese people do it before goind to bed. As for russian people I would say 50\50. Mom always teached me: "Clean youself before you go to your clear bed!" ... Therefore I refer myself to chinese people :) But does it really matter? The point is to smell good and not to be dirty.. WHO cares when you do it..

14. Finally.. the last one!

SOme time ago, german people usage of cars, chinese - bycicle. Now it works the way round. Transport evolution. :)

Now, thanks for attention!

P.S. Author of this blog would like to say biiiig thanks to her chinese friend Tingting for such useful and interesting information!
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