October 12th, 2010

Bad Croezinger, Dresden, and me ill...

In March we go to Dresden!!! It will be an exchange with experience with other physicists. But the problem is that we have to hand in possible reports till December, 1st. Hm... it's not so much time and a lot of work :(

Wanted to go today to Bad Croezinger, but I caught a cold (maybe, got it from Hennrike, but it doesnt matter now...), so apparently will stay at home tonight.

Tomorrow we are going to cook burgers together with Manu. Hope to have fun and to feel better till that time.

Thinking about Etienne. Yesterday Manu came to my place suddently. What if he will come on week-end? And see me with E.? What if they see us in the city center? oops... it will be not so pleasant...

Oh! A lot of thoughts in the morning. But I probably have to work...

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