December 1st, 2010

These shitty student seminars...

Hm.. On Sunday I got the letter from the student, that he had spent the whole WE solving physics. Besides, he was doing very well. And then I thought that probably we should change the system of work, since the tasks are too difficult for the students. So, my way of problem solving was like that:
1) to differentiate level of tasks for different faculties;
2) to give more hints, and to force them to go to the blackboard while I give the hints... at least to make a picture of to write first formulas.

The system seems closer to school system, but I don't see any sence in work, when I am like a lecturer, and they are doing nothing (maybe, even don't listen to me) and then suffer that the tasks are incredibly difficult. Yes, I agree that tasks are not so easy, and one has to spend a lot of time solving them. But:
- they are students;
- there are people they can ask about some stuff...

pfffff.... feel tired from them a bit...
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