March 14th, 2012

And again about Hungary

After all these trips to Zürich, Verona, Barcelona, Porto and I-don't-remember-what-else I feel like I am tired (omg, it happened just during 2 months). Looks like I had just one week-end at home... ah yes, and one more week-end, when I was very ill... In one week I go to Berlin for 5 days, then during our Easter holidays we visit Milan and Paris, afterwards I visit Dresden-Prague (the conference of mathematicians) and then my Ete wants to fly to Russia....

...Having such a packed timetable I refused to go to Hungary for a workshop with my boss. Workshop is supposed to be here , i.e. in the forest where there are no possibilities of going out. Just a forest. And a tiny house for 30 physicists there....Does not seem to be really good for me. On the other hand I can get to know some important people, so maybe it is not so bad that finally I agreed to add Hungary into the list of the countries I am going to visit during next three months...

And have you ever been in such tiny places where there is nothing apart from a conference/workshop house and small bedrooms for the participants??? I survived once something similar in Diavolezza, but it was only three days' long and there were just 4 girls, so not many people sleeping together in the same room.

Anyhow, I have booked the tickets to go to Hungary in the beginning of May. Looking forward.
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