September 18th, 2012

Lviv. Day 1.

Today it was a tough day. Yesterday I could not fall asleep, since I really had a lot to think about my future life in Lemberg also known as Lviv. Again the same questions: how will it be? Will I like the professor? Will I get troubles with his groups' members? Will everything be fine.

At some point, it was already 5 o´clock in the morning, so I had "to wake up". Having drunk a coffee, I left to the Frankfurt airport. Then I was in Vienna, and then - finally - I arrived to Lemberg. BTW, very important information: Austrial Airlines turned out to be very friendly and punctual, but they did not give us a lot of food. Well, why don't we take the first class? :(

The first person I met in Lviv was Christine. This is a very special girl! Being a very smart Christine was accepted to the group of Prof. H. (of the group I am now) and now she is working on her PhD-thesis. This is supposed to be about Ising model and about spin networks.

Christine met me at the airport, and showed me everything I needed: my working place (I start right tomorrow), the flat where I will live during this month in Lviv. And then, Christine offered me to drink coffee with her. Real austrian coffee! I must say, the coffee in Lemberg is totally different from the one we have in Germany. And it's wonderful! We were sitting in a very nice cafe ("kavjarnja") enjoying the special taste of the Austrian coffee with lots of cream and chocolate. Christine...she is sooo talkative! the girl talked pretty much about physics and the university (looks like she graduated from it right yesterday, but not two years ago), about her routine stuff and about the coffee culture. She's really in love with Lemberg and doesn't have any interest of going somewhere else apart from the city she is in. That is really impressive! Moreover, Christine always speaks Ukrainian and doesn't like foreigners... During her visit in Kyiv, she was really angry that Russian was spoken there. Well, this girl is very special, but also very kind and friendly. There was a particular light reflecting in her eyes...donnow how to explain it...Besides, Christine is always on high heels..and today she was in a long red dress, in a red scarf and with a clutch. I was wondering if it is Ok for her going to the institute in the party's clothes. She says she is always like this.

Otherwise, everything is totally fine. the research institute doesn't seem to be very rich, at least from how the offices and the computers look like. On the other hand, these people are very good analyticians (well, they cannot run any simulations having just 256 MB or even 518 GB of the memory at every computer they do use...) However, the atmosphere is very friendly. And I don't feel (yet?) that I am back to Ukraine because of the spectacular architecture of Lemberg.

Now I am tired. Go to bed.  

Lviv. Day 2.

Nothing speacial. A lot of work to do!

Finishing my project (of Freiburg's group) concerning percolation. Sitting in the office till 9. Went to grab some food together with my colleague.

I feel like I don't want to go out so much with Christine. She is nice, but you know...sometimes she speaks too much of the stuff I am not really interested in.

I have just 5 GB of Internet per month, so cannot really surf www-pages here or check new photos in vkontakte. This makes me work even better. Why do we have so much Internet in Freiburg?

Otherwise looks like 1 GB of memory is enough (if one has two 8 GB - PCs in Freiburg and can easily ssh them).

Today, I have been brave enough to write to a guy from couch-surfing that I really would like to drink coffee (or whatever else) together. This guy works as coder, so perhaps we will have nice topics for the conversation. Lets see, he has offered me to meet each other tomorrow. it is time to go home... Tschüssli.