September 28th, 2012

Lviv. One more day. One more night

Since a while I have been visiting private lessons of Italian. And I have to say, 6 euros is nothing to compare is what I get!

During just one week I have finished two not easy topics "Futuro semplice & Futuro Composto" where  I can:
- make predictions;
- make plans;
- make conditions;

this is really impressive! However, I also do exercises at home every day learning new words, phrases, and other important stuff as, for instance, the forms of verbs. A bit of fun:

she will stay there - lei starà
I will see it - lo vedro

You see, Italian is like Ukrainian =)

Problems? :)

Иду я такая вчера в своих большuх наушниках по пешеходному переходу (который без светофора), а какая-то машина "прет" мне наперекор. Оттуда высовываетса блондинка и кричит: "Дура, наушники сними!" А парень, стоящий на другой стороне улицы, ей отвечает: "Дура, это пешеходный переход!" Я невозмутимо иду дальше, в этом вся я...