October 2nd, 2012

My parents in Lviv

Honestly, I was very happy to have my parents there. It's been many years they did not have any vacation because of my father's crazy job (at least, for good money). However, my father often went to Moscow to see some colleagues of him while my mother has never been even to Lviv.

Saturday morning I met them at the railway station! That was just great to see my parents! their trip went very well since they had taken a "luxury" first class for 240 euros two ways-tickets. My parents say, from now they will travel only with the first class where the coach is not at all full, and enough space to rest.

The whole week-end we wend out together for drinking, eating, and for seeing some architecture of Lviv. My parents like the city a lot, even though my father hates all that is connected to Ukrainian language. He was absolutely angry not having found anything written in Russian (well, they never watch Ukrainian TV-channels...)

At some point my father went to sleep - to rest, and my mother and I went to see some jeweleries. There were so many made out of stones - black, red, blue...! So we couldn't buy just few of them...we definitely needed a lot of new stuff... meanwhile, we ate some nice chinese food in a restaurant and all way long my mother was complaining about my father. That he doesn't love her, that he doesn't appreciate all what she had done for him...After four hours, I couldn't continue like this and asked my mom to change a topic. But whatever we were speaking about she told me of my father... 

At least, my mother has my father loves her somehow (maybe not as a woman, but as some kind of furniture), and I don't have anybody who would love me like this. I try not to think of it....

And now I have to go ... Wish you a nice day!
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