October 16th, 2012

Lviv. Day 30. Bye-bye!

Today, I do depart to Germany.

My feelings? On the one hand, today I will eat (finally) German bread. On the other hand, I should come back to the flat where I hear the piano from 08.00 till 22.00 - not all the time, but often.

But if I want to, I can always come back to the city of Lew. Because I am Ukrainian. I even don't need a permit to work in order to do this.

Yesterday, Christine invited me to drink her home-made coffee. At her place, I discovered, we were supposed not to drink coffee only. Besides coffee, there was also a bottle of very sweet wine & some tasty things. 

The coffee was really nicely cooked. At the last point of cooking, Christine added there some beaten eggs and cinnamon. Then I had to (carefully) mix this all. And the coffee tasted really nicely.

...Christine and I spoke a lot of everything. Of course, of our private life, of boys, of study. Moreover, she reads really a lot, so that I could hear her analysis of French phylosophers' books. Then, Christine also tried to discuss some compositions of Franco, but I could not recall them in my mind so much... My answer was that "Kaydashewa simya" seemed to be the best book in Ukrainian.

...Having drunk everything at home we called a taxi for me. At 02.00 I was at home..

This morning is hard.

And my plain is in 5 hours. I still have to prepare my stuff...
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