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Plagiarism - the most popular topic in Germany nowadays

The big booom about german minister's PhD thesis work has come to Freiburg also ;)
Yesterday, our professor brought us some university's papers for signature that we knew about plagiary, we will not do it, and if we got to know, that somebody had done it, we would inform the boss. Even if you write a citation, you can not press magic buttons Ctrl+V, Ctrl+C, but you might  write using another words. I am curious about our some Ukrainian master or Bachelor diploma works...

Here, in DE, if somebody finds out that you copy-paste smth, your department don't get money from the country anymore, and what is more - will have to give money obtained from the country for last 5-10 years back which is impossible. So, let us be honest!
Tags: phd in germany, Лытдыбр

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