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My article!

Finally, after 5 months of work here, that was not so hard, and what is more, took about 4-5 hours a day in average, I have been asked to write a plan of my article. So, I did it. Today, my boss has seen it.. and he likes my plan! The article will be about 7-10 pages, but in the journal no worser than Phys. Rev., or Physical Letters that are managed by American Physics society. The name of my first article here is not yet decided, but it doesn't much matter for now. Now I should do a really huge work to describe obtained data.

Btw, we have a new PhD-student now, who will start in April-May. Really nice guy, he is originally from Leipzig, did researches in Mathematical Physics, high energy, where it is rather difficult to do some researches. Therefore, he would like to continue his work here in Freiburg. =) I remember, how he was asking me a month ago, during his interview here, if I found it nice here, if the professor behaved good with me, if other members of our group were OK. Sure, everybody is good and everything is fine! (You cannot say anything bad in such cases, only maybe a bit.., especially when you are in a hall, drinking tea..)

I wish you really good week-end! =)
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