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We arrived to Dresden

Finally, we have arrived to Dresden! My last time in Dresden was about 1 year ago, or even more, and I cannot say that my impressions were really-really positive about this city. Wasn't I adult enough? - I don't know.

Yesterday, a
t the "Hautbahnhof" (germ. - main railway station) I met eventuelly Daniel, who was also taking the same train as I did. Daniel is a member of Festkörperphysik Abteilung (germ. solid state physics), he is also a member of Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG, germ. german physics society), and therefore he is also taking part in DPG Tagungen (germ. days of DPG), or DPG Conference. What is more - we will live together in the same flat with Daniel, Anna, and Manuel. That is why I was really glad to take the same train with Manuel. Unfortunately, we took the cheapest and not the fastest, but direct train, which is possible only with a City Night Line connection. City Night Line is something like our post-soviet trains, so-called "Kupe-car"  train, where one can sleep the whole night with other people in the same small room. BUT there are 6 people in the same room ( two walls with 3 beds nearby), and that makes the trip a little bit too much uncomfortable. Of course, you can take the first class train, or lux cr, where there is only one person in one room, but of course, then you have to pay incredibly a lot. Otherwise, you may try to fall asleep with 5 people in the same room. For me, it was not so difficult, my neighbors were not so loud.

... 10 hours with a night train - and we are already in Dresden. Here, I hasten to note that there is still a boundary between western and eastern Germany. Eastern Germany is trying to immigrate to western Germany, and western Germany doesn't like iot so much. Obviousely, eastern Germany is poor, western is relatively rich, and that makes them proud. As for the city where I live - it is, of course, western Germany, but somehow we are not in the center of all the german events, since we are really far away from the rest of Germany. We live close to Switzerland, therefore, we prefer to go to Switzerland or France to have some fun, to visit nice places and to see interesting exhibitions. Well, 2 hours to Zürich or 10 hours to Berlin? :)

So, now we are in "poor" Germany, although quite happy about it. Dresden met us with a nice weather, a lot of sun, and that's why we had a nice mood, which is also very much important. We called to the owner of the flat we rent, he asked friendly to come at 2 o'clock, because other people are leaving it only at 11. Hm.... what could we do 5 hours in Dresden, being tired from our nice night trip? Of course, to eat and to walk. Although it is not so pleasant to walk with your bag on the stones.... So, we did a small trip around the city, then we found out a nice restaurant in the city center, where ate lunch enjoying the sun and beautiful church. I cannot say that the prices here are so low as people of western Germany think (10 euros for pommes frites and a small peace of meat), but it was very nice. Anna met us in the center, we walked a bit together, then she decided to visit gallery with well-known Rafael's picture "Madonna". I saw this picture as well as other in Dresden during my last visit, that's why I decided to stay with Daniel for the lunch and go to the flat we rent for some shower and rest. 

...Now, I should write smth about Dresden. My impressions... This time the city seems definitely nicer, although it is not yet green and "alive". The spring is coming but not so fast. People are friendly, birds are singing, sun is shining brightly. The houses seem not so dark. I hope to be good tomorrow ate the conference, when I have to report my results at the section of quantum information. Hope to get to know some new people as well as see some new places. I was thinking of going to Chemnitz and Leipzig in the evening =)

Next week-end we go to Prague, where, hopefully, I will meet Tatiana, and hope to enjoy czech beer again 
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