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Dresden! Day 2

Today we woke up relatively early - already at 7.30 A.M. Anna was already awake. I was trying to keep on sleeping, but was not so easy.

I had to report today at the section "Dynamics properties, coherence, and quantum iinformation" about my star graph research, so I was trying to refresh my memory and  be calm (this is impossible for me though...) Finally, I got a nice question about energy levels (what ?????), such that Olli came to help me right in time. But, in general, he told, my report was quite nice. Other participants were also asked many times. I find it nice to be asked at such a conference. You can find out some answers, include these aspects into your work, train your confidence at least.

After the conference I did not know what to do. On the one hand, I was excited about some small trip around Saxony. On the other hand, I had to find a small present for Anna's Birthday and charge my photocamera. But my legs brang me to the central railway station, such that I couldn't resist buying a ticket. There are two more cities in Saxony I am insterested in: Chemnitz and Leipzig. But for Leipzig I would need a half of the day at least, and one needs at least 1 hour to get there with a fast train. There are NO fast trains in Saxony. So, I would need nearly 1.5 - 2 hours to get to Leipzig. Thus, I bought quickly ticket to Chemnitz (old name: Karl-Marx-Stadt), hoping to find something new and ineteresting for me.

Chemnitz was nice: sowiet union style was everywhere from Opera to Shopping center). Here, I ate in "Globus", exactly the same as in Kyiv, went on Kreshchatyk street, exactly the same as in Kyiv, and finally crossed the roads didn't care about the traffic light (it didn't work, and no cars). The only one different thing from Kyiv is that there is no life in Chemnitz after 8 p.m.. No people. No cars. No traffic lights. No dogs. Nothing!!!! I can imagine how boring it is to live there. Maybe, it is just my wrong opinion, but even in Freiburg it is possible to meet 10o people at the central street after 9 p.m.

Having made nice photos, and eaten, I decided to go back to Dresden. My poor legs were tired, and I still have to work a lot tomorrow, when we have a poster session till 8 p.m. (with fresh brezels and beer, KoStEnlOs), so I should fit well.

Therefore, I wish GoodNighT to everybody and "träumen sie was süsses".
Your Ana.
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