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Dresden! Day 3

Today Anna has a Birthday. Already in the morning she found a small thing from me on the table and was glad about it.

..I met our master students already in the session, they were drinking mineral water and suffering about 3 liter of  bier yesterday. I didn't take my glasses with me, so I could not really concentrate on different reports. The guys were suffering about their hangover. And the reason was that they found a cheap bier for 2.40 euros in one of the bars of Soviet Dresden, such that they could not go home before 3 liters....

In the evening, there was a poster session, although I didn't find anything there about my research.. that was pity indeed. But I got to know Dominik from Nürnberg, who is a member of physics group also in Freiburg, so we were talking a lot together, drinking bier. German of Dominik is real Bayerish, incredibly fast, but it is possible to understand it.

In the end of evening, we decided finlly to elebrate B-Day of Anna in some restaurant, watching football match "Bayern - Milano", but it was not possible to find such "VIP-places", where you can eat and watch football. That's why we stayed in some  asian place, where we got our ordered dished in 1,5 hours (!) after the ordering. And then we couldn't catch the waitor to pay the food.... After all, everybody was tired, or maybe, exhausted... and no more wish to find another bar...

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