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Dresden! Day 4

Today, we came to the conference at 10.45 o'clock to listen to the talk of some nice guys from USA and Germany. The plenary talks were quite interesting, and related to light-harvesting systems as well as photosyntesys. Funny thing: from 5 people, giving a talk, 4 people reserch FMO-complexes - quantum transport. Also, our master students are trying to check these systems.

In the afternoon, we visited really nice talk: the topic was something like: "Is football a marcovian process?", where the Professor from Dortmund explained us how to predict a football game results. The formulas were really primitiv, but it was nice to know about such researches.

After this football stuff we went to the presentation of "Siemens", where they offered a really nice position of consultant. The duties are such that the person should go around the world with presentations about their new products, answering some questions and so on. Demands were following:
- good marks at the UNI (preferable - PhD education);
- to live at least 6 months abroad (study, exchange etc.) experience;
- fluent ENglish, and at least basic german.
This information is not so actual for me, but it is nice to know that physicists are needed.

Finally, we are tired from these talks. The weather is good (grey and seems rainy a bit), so we went home around 6 to rest today and maybe to do some administrative work.
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