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Dresden! Day 5

Today I decided to forget about the science for a while and, enjoying rainy weather, to make nice grey photos. Earlier, I thought it was impossible to make nice pictures in such an ugly, dusgusting weather, when everything around seemed sad and unfriendly. Today I realized: I was wrong. Everything around was grey, wet, but shining, like in old black&white films. I was making and making photos and could not stop doing it: quay, empty sitting places with the signs "For arian people only", lonely lanterns, like soldiers in an ideally straight colon... was amazing...

I will put these photos after I sort them in Freiburg, hope you will like them =)
My Dresden time is finished, so, unfortunately (or fortunately) tomorrow we go to Prague, where I hope to get some nice impressions and, of course, to eat a pig knee and to drink a really good beer.

Talking about Prag I would like to give some nice czech words below together with their translation into russian (I was crying, while laughing, indeed..as well as Anna):

очерственные потравины - свежие продукты
вунь - запах
запах - вонь
вонявка - духи
родина - семья
страна - партия
овоци - фрукты
зеленина - овощи
змерзлина - мороженое
зверина - дичь
летедло - самолет
седадло  кресло
трепадло - политрук
летушка - стюардесса
зачаточник - начинающий
обсажено - занято
пирделка - девушка
барак - жилой дом
позор - внимание
Позор слева - внимание распродажа
Позор на пса! - Осторожно злая собака!
Позор полиция воруе - Внимание, полиция предупреждает.
Падло с быдлом на плавидле - статный парень с веслом на лодке (this is really crazy..).

дивадло - театр
шлепадло - катамаран
высавач - пылесос
жилой дом - барак
Aхой перделка! - Привет подружка!!!.

So, I wish you to have a nice week-end and see you in Freiburg again!


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Mar. 18th, 2011 06:13 am (UTC)
Жду фотографии:)
Mar. 21st, 2011 10:32 am (UTC)
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