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Barbeque season

The summer has come, and we, being happy about this fact, started barbeque's season already on Sunday at Sebi's place. Sebastian is one of the best and the oldest friends of Hagen (I mean, they are together from the kindergarten or smth like that, Sebastian is 25 years old indeed). Parents of Sebi live in a very big and incredibly beautiful house, where there is a large terrace with many plants and flowers on it. The most important - Sebi has a really huge grill. So, on Sunday there were 16 of us grilling different meats starting from turkey and finishing with "rindfleisch" and porky. Besides, everybody made some salad, and a lot of it, such that the party was really great. The only problem was that at some point we even could not speak: the stomachs demanded peace and calm from us =) =) =) Here, I also have to admit that German food is not so bad as many people suppose.  There were at least 10 types of the salads which were no worser than our Russian salads, although not so many Calories and without Mayonnaise (somehow, German people really care about that...probably that's why "rindfleisch" costs 28 €/kg).

This week, Henrike is here in Freiburg, so yesterday we decided to make barbecue again, but with parents of Henrike and Hagen. And is was even better than lest time with the guys. Hagen's parents are really good with grill which they got from their old house in Sealant, i.e. from Saabrüken, where they used to live 20 years ago. The grill is 2 meters high, its radius is around 40 cm such that it is possible to grill really a lot of meat together, and also nearly no smoke.  But the most impressive part was when we switched on the fountain.  Parents of Hagen and Henrike sometimes travel, and from every vacation they bring one nice stone or mollusk for the fountain. I could not stop checking their collection: red, yellow, green stones, minerals, crystals, pearls, corals - everything they found during 20 years was there... And in the night all these stones are lightened with different lights... and the running water gives you even more impression from this nice picture...
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