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C1 in German

I am really surprised: I wrote test in German such that I have level B2 and should start with C1 this semester. Now, I am a little bit afraid: will I be able to do this level? Am I good enough? Maybe, it was eventual that  I did the test so nicely... Well, I don't know... I hope to be good.

Ah, forgot to add several words about German mentality: lest night we were talking at the balcony together with Kristina. It was at 11.00 P.M. The lady living in the house next to ours came to us being really angry about it (she could not sleep...) I am wondering how she could hear us, but ok, next time we will stay inside the flat. Here, there is one more interesting fact, coming to my mind: in Switzerland one can have shower till 10.00 P.M., afterwards it is possible to have problems with police because of the noise. Now, swiss people argue if one may flush the toilet in the night, or it is allowed to do it during the day only. Mentality!