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Russian as a second official language in Ukraine

Today, as usually, being back from Switzerland, I have been thinking about language problem in Ukraine. Switzerland is really small country with a population of 6-7 mln. people. But they have 4 (!!!!) national languages: german, french, italian, and retoromanian (there are about 200 000 italian-speaking people and 50 000 - retoromanian-speaking people). The country respects the fact that 2 (!!!!) provinces from 26 (!!!!) do not speak german, and allows national TV-channels as well as stickers on different swiss products in at least three different languages.  This is, for example, tissues:

So why cannot we live like this in Ukraine? Why cannot be russian an official language? Or are there not so many russian-speaking persons? Isn't it a language of generations? I still cannot get why....
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