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EXP |V, atomic physics

This semester I have students in "atomic physics" seminars, or the 4th part of experimental physics. When I had this in Kyiv with Palti, that seemed to me reeeealy easy: we started from wave-particle properties, then Hydrogen (couple of formulas) and finally 1-2 seminars devoted to Schrödinger's equations.  Here, the scheme works the way round...Hydrogen's atom has its wave-function, which consists of two functions: Radial (R_l,n,m) and Circular(l,n...) depending on the quantum numbers and are expressed with some weird polynomials (oh, GOtt!); and one cannot solve any task without this wave-function. What is more: first lecture was already about particles in a box, second - about barriers, and the tasks were already like from the course of quantum mechanics we got in Ukraine.  And today there was even worse thing: ß-decay of Tritium, where one had to do all the quantum computations for radioactivity case... So, atomic, nucleus, quantum physics and a lot of whatever else together... Next semester I will try to get particle-physics, hope to get a bit more fun...
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