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No more space for photos

No more space for photos. So, it makes no sense for me to have live-journal anymore, ODER? , because I even cannot upload any photo, and as for video - it has to be at youtube. Angry. Don't want to buy more space at my account. I am not Artemy Lebedev to do announcements about my trips or something like that. But, maybe, somebody knows some blogs with more space  for photos or videos...then I would kindly ask to share with this info. Bier from me!

Apart from that - nothing special. Now it's the end of semester. Finally, no students. Next semester I do statistical physics. I know, this can be a bit boring, but since i am a theoretical physicist it' s ok. So, now we have a party time: people are leaving to their countries, such that every day we drink ;) nice! What is more - I have new russian-speaking friends from Kazan' and Minsk :)
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