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About desease...about problems..abour friends...

Yesterday evening was a bit special for me... I came back home at 6, being completely ill, and then Hagen came to visit me, to cook for me, to take care of me, to make a hot tea for me.. it was such a pleasure! He even bought food to cook a dinner!

So, while I was laying in the bed with a Kopfschmerz...mmm...how is it called in English...aaah...headache and my laptop..., he was at the kitchen, cooking for me...

I installed ICQ and talked to Julia. Strange thing. I never thought about it. Here in Germany people don't complain. They have their problems, maybe not so much money. But they never say: it is really difficult, I have nothing to wear, nothing to eat, because I have no money. Of course, somehow germans also suffer, because they have no possibility to fly to Caribbean to spend holidays, so they have to go to Malta or Cyprus. They can suffer that they have no money for a new Mercedes, because an old one is already two years. But they don't say about it. They keep their suffering inside. While our people 50% of time say that there is no money, no food, no job....  Probably, here in Germany people live a really good life. They are not rich, but mostly equal. And this is mostly important. That's why husband and wife never argue about shopping, about necessary stuff to buy, they give their children enough of money... and what is more - girls date with boys not because of money. Because girls can buy mostly everything that they need by themselves. And, of course, that's why they can even pay for restaurant and so by themselves. Here in Germany people mostly care about feelings. And it doesn't matter that your gf is ugly, fat or badly dressed. You like her, and this is the mainest thing, so nobody from your friends will not think badly of her, and of course, discuss her between each other.

And still every time I hear suffering from Ukraine. It is a big pity that our country is still not so good. That there are no guarantees for people, no ways to live a good live without stealing and so... really pity..  Our people have more problems... :(

I see that "my love" is not so bad... we even read yesterday quantum mechanics together, connected it with knowledge in linear algebra, and it was good. Now I should make some calculations and hope to get nice results!
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