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Barcelona in January...Fun or Boring?

My sweet friend SvetOCHkA has just moved to Barcelona to do her ERASMUS semester there. Yesterday SvetOCHkA offered me to visit her in Barcelona to enjoy Spain. Ah? Sure! Barcelona might me a big fun....Here I start singing "All day, all night...When I came to Spain and saw some people partying I thought to myself: What a fuck?.... Viva la fiesta...Viva la noce...viva los dj....Johny la henta esta moi loca....." I already imagine something like that. And you, have you ever been to Spain? How did you like it? My experience is Mallorca only which is considered to be a 17th Bundesland of Germany. HA_HA_HA, that'S true, Mallorca speaks German =) However with EasyJet it costs only about 50 swiss francs, i.e. CHF, to buy a return ticket to Barcelona (from Basle-Mulhouse EuroAirport), so soon  SvetOCHkA and me will have a lot of fun, hopefully, together.