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Moving to Lausanne?

...Yesterday discussing our new project with me my boss wrote his notations on his draft-paper. Eventually I looked into the back side of it. There was a job announcement including the dead-line information bla bla bla. "What's that?" - Clearly, my boss has been looking for a new position since a while. And this is not an unknown fact for me that one day I will have to move from Freiburg to an another city where my boss might be accepted... London, Paris, Zürich or, maybe, Tübingen, Hamburg or Heidelberg. My boss has a very high index, but it is indeed difficult to find a nice professor's position. This time he had applied to ETH in Lausanne which is situated in the French-speaking part of Switzerland on the bank of the Geneva lake surrounded by spectacular Alps. Lausanne is the capital of the Kanton Vaud, thus, it is not as small as Freiburg im Breisgau. Besides, I'd like to learn French. I will definitely pray for my boss to get this position such that we can move soon to Lausanne.... 

...I asked Tillmann if he would like to move to Lausanne. Just hypothetically. Tillmann said: "Never. Difficult to live in a country without knowledges of its national language." Does it play such a magnificent role? R. has been living in Freiburg since more that one year and feels quite OK. What is more, speaking Italian helps... Would you move to Switzerland if you were me? I guess it worth that...
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