loyal_fr (loyal_fr) wrote,

Week-end in Freiburg

Week-end.. How many people like it..It's the greatest time to relax, to have fun, to go to club till 9 a.m., to do nothing or to clean the whole flat, to go shopping for 6 hours, to do your home stuff, to meet old friends... and the main thing - not to work!!!!

Today I have a guest from Switzerland. But I am thinking what to do.. The weather is getting worse, so I am not sure if I can rent a bike for him to ride a bit and so... But maybe it is possible to go to thermal water source Bad Croezinger. Let us see what we can get.

Working with graph now... Have to find an average probablility for several eigenvalues. It is a star with many edges, connected with the middle one. But there is also the connection between two other poins. So, there must be something interesting.

So, I wish u a good week-end and everything the best!!!
Tags: my every days' routine...

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