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Statistical quantum mechanics

Yesterday it was really hard. It was incredibly hard. Hard and annoying. Just because of the seminar with my students. So far we highlighted such topics as Thermodynamics, Statistical ensembles&Distributions. Yesterday we started doing Statistical quantum mechanics. The most standard way of learning this is, surely, to start from density matrices which show the probabilities to be at certain states. After having done the easiest things we turned into polarization of light and possible states. Here, of course, one has to deal with an entanglement, so that the density matrix having off-diagonal elements includes some complex values. Furthermore, as expected, we stacked in this topic. Really stacked. Took one hour to diagonalize matrices and to check whether we have really pure entangled states. Moreover, my students did not believe me that it was possible to obtain a PURE entangle state. Why not?!!! As a result, we did only two tasks and I promised to find some necessary books for my students to make them sure about this entangled stuff. It is obvious, isn't it?!!!! I came back in my office in two hours after I had started the seminar. Florian was still not in his office. His students survived 2.5 hours of the seminar, but they had some other difficulties with this problem set. Crap. Florian and me left for home only after we discussed our two level systems' problems, Gibbs' paradox in the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution and some other things referring to the statistical quantum mechanics. So, I was at home at around 21.00. Angry, hungry & tired.
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