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How to warm yourself

No times lately to write. My netbook is not very good for writing (a slow idiot), and at work I have just a German keyboard.
It is cold. Very cold. Very-very cold. Very cold outside (-10°C) and inside our flat (+16°C). This was the reason why I was frustrating in the offers of JeasyJet. Just wanted to fly somewhere, where it is 1) cheap, 2) warm. Not many possibilities from Basel. Basically, I had to choose between Thessalonians (Greece) and Porto (Portugal). I wanted to go to Athens though....Well, I chose, of course, Porto. Portugal is a new country for me. Besides, everything is much cheaper there and I will have a chance to see the ocean there. Mmmm. Can't wait for this trip. It will be amazing. I fly alone. Again. Don't know why. Just want to fly alone to discover a new nice country with a nice food and nice traditions.

Just yesterday, right after I had book my trip, sunny offered me to take one day vacation on Monday and to go to Italy to warm up a bit :) The idea was pretty good, but it was definitely hard to get some cheap flight, even with EasyJet or RyanAir. Only to rent a car. However, I hope to rest a bit from work and to warm myself a bit. Wish all of you also to have a really nice relaxing week-end and see you later.  

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