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Gaussian propagation and some mathematical stuff

Tomorrow I have a tutorial about Gaussian error propagation, Gaussian distribution etc. Seems not so difficult, but anyway I had to read a lot today. Need more and more and more to do in this topic to teach students and not to seem stupid. Hopefully, students will understand me and classes will be quite good for me and them. Learned quite a lot of new English words today: tolerance, order of magnitude, exert, permeability... Seems, my English is still poor, need to improve.

Right now I have 4 copy-books for different stuff:
- German-Russian everyday's words
- German-Russian technical words
- English-Russian technical words
- Mathematica 7.0 typical cases

And, of course, the 5th copy-book with my routine quantum mechanical calculations. But it helps - sorting new stuff like that!

Today I go to german courses and will have the 6th copy book. Actually, probably, better to buy a new folder for german stuff. Let us see.

Ok, I go to finish with my new program!

Bis bald!
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