loyal_fr (loyal_fr) wrote,

My research in Lemberg (Lviv)

Don't know to be happy or not to be. But I go to Lviv for quite a while (3-4 months) to do a research there. This term can be splitted into several separated visits, so that I can stay in Lviv 1-2 months. And how did it appear to have a possibility of working in Lviv? Our prof. decided to help non-EU countries to do research and to publish more articles in famous journals. So, after he had applied to this project, he got so-called "quotes" for how long we should go to different countries (namely, Ukraine - 7 months, Russia - 18 months, and Argentina - 2 months)  and for how long scientists of which countries will visit us (namely, Argentina - 4 months, Russia - 4 months, Armenia ~ 6 months). From the very beginning it was clear that I have to go to Lviv and Maxim has to go to Saint-Petersburg (I would prefer the other way round, but he is Russian, and, consequently, does not speak Ukrainian...) maybe, I will get a possibility to go to Saint-Petersburg for couple of months, too...hopefully... professors go to Argentina. Not bad. They don't want to go, but they have to, as our "quotes" say... =)

I know that Lviv Polytechnic Institute has a good reputation...hope, it is not bad for my CV to work there...
Tags: phd in germany

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