loyal_fr (loyal_fr) wrote,

Virgins over 25

Yes, it is quite possible even nowadays. You can even never think like this about the person that seems quite popular, "social", party-able and so on. Why virgin? Met not right girls? Hm... Don't know. I am curious, how to behave with such bf. Seems like nothing special, you should teach him and everything will be fine. But maybe there is a high probability that he will want to try another girl. Or maybe he will love you kind of until the end of his life. I am confused. Seems - that is not a big deal. But the fact of 25 kills a bit. 25!!!! Not 20, not 21, not 23, not 24, but 25! ohhhhhhhhhh.... go to sleep. Hope to see nice dreams and not to think about it anymore, impossible though. Gute Nacht!
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