loyal_fr (loyal_fr) wrote,

Virgins over 25

Yes, it is quite possible even nowadays. You can even never think like this about the person that seems quite popular, "social", party-able and so on. Why virgin? Met not right girls? Hm... Don't know. I am curious, how to behave with such bf. Seems like nothing special, you should teach him and everything will be fine. But maybe there is a high probability that he will want to try another girl. Or maybe he will love you kind of until the end of his life. I am confused. Seems - that is not a big deal. But the fact of 25 kills a bit. 25!!!! Not 20, not 21, not 23, not 24, but 25! ohhhhhhhhhh.... go to sleep. Hope to see nice dreams and not to think about it anymore, impossible though. Gute Nacht!
Tags: Лытдыбр

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