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About shopping, sizes and clothers in general in Germany

In Ukraine I suffered all the time that I am fat. And people could joke sometimes about it. And how many times I heared in the shop: "This model is only till 38. We don#t have big sizes." My size was, probably, quite big (EU 40-42). Here in Germany I take 38 without any problems and people say that I am quite nice, not fat, not big and everything is fine with me. Seems that Europa --->>> USA. What is the reason? Fast-food? Concervants? Ecology?

Well, I don't know the reason, but it is a fact: german girls look like much bigger than ours. Not all of them, but a lot. And I am afraid to be like they are.

But shopping in Germany is not boring - different colors, low prices for young-people brands like H&M, Pimkey etc. And you can find any size :) from 34 till 44, what is more important for me.
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