loyal_fr (loyal_fr) wrote,

Lviv. Day 2.

Nothing speacial. A lot of work to do!

Finishing my project (of Freiburg's group) concerning percolation. Sitting in the office till 9. Went to grab some food together with my colleague.

I feel like I don't want to go out so much with Christine. She is nice, but you know...sometimes she speaks too much of the stuff I am not really interested in.

I have just 5 GB of Internet per month, so cannot really surf www-pages here or check new photos in vkontakte. This makes me work even better. Why do we have so much Internet in Freiburg?

Otherwise looks like 1 GB of memory is enough (if one has two 8 GB - PCs in Freiburg and can easily ssh them).

Today, I have been brave enough to write to a guy from couch-surfing that I really would like to drink coffee (or whatever else) together. This guy works as coder, so perhaps we will have nice topics for the conversation. Lets see, he has offered me to meet each other tomorrow.

...now it is time to go home... Tschüssli.
Tags: Лытдыбр

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