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Lviv. Day 3.

Was a nice day. I started working on the wave optics which doesn't seem to be very difficult and looks like I've already got some nice results. But a bit boring. Here, there is no Elena who comes to drink coffee with me, no Piet who talks about different scientific stuff, and even no Florian who trains my German every day.

I am alone in the office (the other guy, Roman, is now at the conference somewhere in Ternopil'), it is raining most of the time (well, the weather is like in Freiburg), and I am enjoying Austrian style coffee.

I met the guy I. from couchsurfing. He seems to be very kind and friendly. We spent 5 hours in different places...I. also wants to move to the Eastern part of Europe. He wants to earn better, to have a happier life and to be far away from Ukrainian problems; somehow, I understand him. One of the places we' went been to was a nice cafe just below the opera theater where you can see the Lviv underground river...there, they had made strange bridges with lots of colorful lights. That was amazing! But the cafe is really expensive.

Not only those cafe was expensive, but everyting here turned out to be VERY expensive. For instance, I had to buy an antipersperant...the cheepest one costed something like 1.7 euros (and of not the best brand) whereas in Freiburg I used "Adidas" for 1.2 euros.

As for the food, I go to the market "Stryyskyj bazar" where I get thought of home-made quark and sour-cream. I also buy lots of fruits and vegetables there. There are also small shops with meat and other food, but I don't want to bother the sailing parsons asking to read information on each second pack :( otherwise, here there are no supermarkets (I live almost in the city center, so it is normal...) But the market is good! In Freiburg we don't have such delicious quark :(

P.S. I. asked me one more time out...when I have time.

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