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Lviv. Day 6.

Today it was a wonderful day!

Those I. from CouchSurfing went to drink coffee with me in the afternoon. He showed me really nice places. According to the old legend, the Ukrainian coffee is found under the Earth's surface. In order to see how this can be taken, one can go to the special place called "Copal'nya". There, one can drink quite a special coffee "underground" as well as at a beautiful terrace where there are no pedestrians since it is situated in an inner yard of an old Austiran building. Having tested two different sorts of coffee we ordered a "cavanka" (if I am not mistaken), a shot "coffee-alcohol" which is very tasty. After a while we left looking for some food to eat.

In the late afternoon we went up to the "Rathaus" situated just in the hart of the city. Somehow, the top of the Rathaus reminded me the top of the Kölner Dom from where you can also see many people below you. And the people are like small insects walking alone the streets, carrying something, or relaxing at the sun. But it was quite windy, so we left very soon and having decided to go the Lychakiv cementary. 

Lychakiv cementary is very famous. This is not an "active" cementary anymore - no more funerals or new graves. But some interested tourists do visit this place, because here one can find the grave of I.Franko, S.Krushelnytska and many other famous persons which used to live in Ukraine. Here one can see many graves of Polish people - non-Cyrillic writing of them is an evidence of it. Some of them are old dated XVIII century, some are quite young. Many graves are very big: they include several people...and some of them also include a very small place for praying. And what is more - several graves are not yet complete. As it often happens, a grave is ready and the corresponding person is not yet dead. I don't know wether I would like to see my grave before my death....

I. told me and interesting story about a priest who was creating his grave during half of his life. Having completed this grave, he died. by that time he was already about 100 years old. Maybe, he could not die before finishing the grave? Anyway, we have seen those grave, too, and it was dated as the year 1831.

Probably, I am writing too much about the death, and it isn't so good. So, here I better finish and wish you a nice week-end, too.

BTW, I. asked me to go to the cinema with him... he is very handsome... I am happy...
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  • loyal_fr
    30 Sep 2023, 17:03
    Конечно развалена... В вашей голове. У Жены брату почку пересадили бесплатно, да ждал 4 года. В какой стране это возможно?
  • loyal_fr
    30 Sep 2023, 16:30
    Ничего себе, вот это талантище! :) хотелось бы взглянуть на этот угол хоть одним глазом :)
  • loyal_fr
    30 Sep 2023, 16:25
    Моя дочь любила лепить из пластилина. Ей был выделен угол комнаты, в котором целая вселенная была слеплена, чего (и кого) там только не было! Очистили от пластилина мы с ней его только когда она…
  • loyal_fr
    30 Sep 2023, 16:14
    Ой какая прелесть! Здорово , что у Вас все такие разные! :)
  • loyal_fr
    30 Sep 2023, 16:06
    проблема ВСЕХ игрушек: 1. они покупаются не по возрасту ребёнка, а по интересу родителя :)) 2. родитель не учит ребёнка играть в купленные ролевые игрушки, не играет вместе с ребёнком

    поэтому "мой в…
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