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Lviv. Days 7-9

Lately, I have to do so much, that have no time for LJ; but maybe it isn't so bad.

I have a given a talk about my research at the seminar, yesterday... There were thousands of different questions (and that is good, of course) and, moreover, one professor of QM offered me to calculate eigenvalues for him. Maybe, I will take this project. Let's see.

My talk was in English (I simply could not explain it neither in Russian, nor in Ukrainian), however, each time I was asked in Ukrainian, but I could answer again only in English. As somebody had said to me some time ago -  dog's principle - a dog understands, but cannot say...

This is how I was introduced to the other people sitting in the room: "Here is Ms. Anastasia ..., who graduated for the KPI; remarkably, she was thought by Prof. Loktev; what is more, Baryakhtar was the Dean of the faculty where she studied..." I did not expect that people from Lviv know people from Kyiv that much...

Last night I was at the meeting of an italian-speaking society of Lviv. Each week, they do meet each other to eat a pizza and to drink some beer together. The rule is that one has to speak only Italian. What is more, there are at least 3 Italians among those people coming to these meetings.  That was actually not so easy - to speak italian during three hours. But  I did it! Using easy words, trying to speak not so fast; I guess, it is also important not to be stressed when not understanding most of the words an other part says...it is natural that one cannot know everything!

And today, at 3 p.m. I visit  the first Italian private lesson. This has to be a lof of fun for me :)
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