loyal_fr (loyal_fr) wrote,

My trip to Kiev. Ukraine. Days 18-19

it was great, but very expensive!


I still have to friends - Elena and Iryna - which still do live in Kiev. Last week-end I decided to see my friends and to drink couple of beers. Luckily, both Iryna and Elena live in the same district - the Vyrlytsya metro station. Moreover, they do communicate with each other when I appear in Kiev. Otherwise living in almost the same district they do not even meet each other for a coffee.

However, both days - Saturday and Sunday - there were three (sometimes, even four) of us drinking-eating, eating-drinking, drinking-eating-smoking together. Sounds a little bit boring, but it wasn't, even though I did not visit Khreshchatyk street as well as many other famous places in Kiev.

Iryna had her own purposes to see me again in Germany - I guess you all still do remember her last visit to me :) when she had a nice opportunity to spend time with foreigners. The upcoming Silvester is already planned for her. Iryna is supposed to be in Alps; for this, my friend needs my help again. However, I will make an invitation: one has to help friends :) 

As for Kiev - the city is still big, beautiful, and a little bit green. There are still the same Dnipro-river, the same Obolon, and the same central park. It is pleasant that some things are not changing...at least they do change not so fast..
Tags: Лытдыбр, женские сопли

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