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Lviv. Day 22.

Today, the workers of the Ukrainian Academy of science in Lemberg were protesting against low salaries. However, there were only 150 of them...don't know whether Ukrainian government will react somehow...let's see...

* * *

As for me, I want to go back to Germany. I didn't expect that I would want to go back just after 21 days here. Let me explain why.

1) The food is too fatty. I can hardly find something to eat what really attracts me. The portions are really huge in the restaurants. And I don't know which oil is used for cooking. How can I order anything? I am tired from eating cottage-cheese, yoghurts & fruits only. I want to eat GERMAN BREAD!!!

2) People meet each other only in the bars or restaurants. People never invite each other home, because they feel they need to cook or to buy a lot of food (why that?) I'd prefer drinking tea and watching a film at somebody's place than doing it in loud bars with a lot of people around. In order to have guests one doesn't have to cook a lot. And it is also cheaper to drink tea at home than to drink the same tea somewhere in a bar =)

3) Cold, cold, cold. No yet heated. I have not much warm clothes. Already ill.

4) Finally, the most important - I need my bike and I need mountains

I look forward to go to Freiburg.  
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