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Graph theory & Classes

Hihi, funny thing: when they accepted me, told me: it will be just minimum programming, don't worry, it is not difficult... Me, using mostly MatLab, got installed Mathematika on my PC. ANd they refused to install MatLab (old program bla bla bla). So, my first calculations were made through Mathematika, that I saw second or third time in Freiburg... Somehow Hagen helped me, explaining some easy stuff. He spent some evenings together with me, working on modules, random walks from one point to another, and finally I started programming here. I cannot say that it was easy. At least 3-4 "depressive days" without understanding anything. Plus work in modules, plus work with sub-programs, formal parameters...it kills sometimes.... I still can not say that I am really good with this program (although only 2 weeks passed, of course no). But after yesterday's conversation with professor I got another task about graph theory - to research quantum walk from point to point using different random ways.... so, now I am thinking like that. Even if I am kicked out from here, I will be about to find some IT-job :)

Of course, I can do  everything analitycally, but it's annoying a bit... takes a lot of time, and my math is not the best.. so I should try simulations...

see u!!!