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my experience with travelgirls.com

Some time ago, having nobody to travel with (actually, I still travel mostly alone :( ), I got an account at the really nice cite travelgirls.com. Sometimes I get some messages there, but I honestly forget to check them out. Today, I've got a reminder to my e-mail that I should immediately check my messages. So far what I've got:

1. Turkish google-translator-spaming?

"Hallo my dear ,how are you over there?

Because existence can become severe in one day,i would love to be your lovely friend to look after you with care please if you want just sense me and i will be there for you ,all ways be my friend from beginning to end all ways be my friend,
just to share and talk or simply take ,chat butt never to stalk all ways be my friend."

2. She turned out to be different from what she was in pictures....

"I enjoy travel with beautiful & matured girl and I try my best to keep her happy. It started in July when I wanted to get out of busy life and relax on beach and do no work for a week or two... I went to Malaysia with a girl from this site, I liked it so much that I went to Dubai, Abhu Dhabi, Russia & Belarus with her. We decided to break, because I was getting attached to her and she didn't want that. Then I meet another girl from this site and went to Thailand with her, She turned out to be different from what she was in pictures and she didn't knew english. It was fun too, but I didn't like her enough to travel again with her.

So, I am back to this site again. I want to know you as a person and if you also feel the same, we can talk and may be travel together. Do you want to talk further ?

3. Willing to get sex for free..

" Anna, I'm here since three Month, get more than 620 Messages and even 98,5 % of the Messages starting with: Give me € 280,00 per Day, € 1.000,00 per Weekend + Pocket Money or Travel Costs and I will visit you and you can have Sex with me as much as you want to have ... :o( I'm interested in real Contact to Girl's but without paying such horrible, crazy Amount, even, I'm not interested in Escort Girls, for this I must no go here on the Page Travelgirls.com ... Hope you are not like that. If so, write me, please. You can come to Austria and we will have lots of fun together :o) H."

And so on, and so on.... Hey, people, is there anybody normal????


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Nov. 14th, 2012 11:40 am (UTC)
Жесть какая-то. Меня бы сразу смутил акцент на girls, если честно. Лучше гоу с нами куда-нибудь)
Feb. 7th, 2013 07:33 am (UTC)
safe travelgirls
Are you one of those girls I know in Ukraine who use this travelgirls.com to find a man with moeny :) ? Trust me - not many girls from Ukr, Russia can easily travel to outside,,, only so who have money. Maybe it's the purpose for that site, i don't know. So if you are looking for a man to 'fall in love' but not only his money, hmmm,, it will be a hard work to find such, just like in real life :)
Feb. 7th, 2013 09:06 am (UTC)
Re: safe travelgirls

Thnxx for your answer)) I am not looking for smbd to fall in love, but I'd like to have somebody to travel with. It happens quite often that I travel alone...and this is just boring... :(
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