loyal_fr (loyal_fr) wrote,

first meeting with Mandelbrot

The wife of my boss told us once a story about her first meeting with Mandelbrot. They had a breakfast at the same table in a hotel sitting next to each other; he spoke with her on general topics. And then, after some minutes of conversation, Mandelbrot asked her: "But what exactly do you do? Are you mathematician or physicist?" And she answered, of course: "No-no, I work for a travel agency."
And then she added: "By the way, you speak all the time about fractals. What is it, FRACTAL?"
After such a stupid question, Mandelbrot turned away from her and did not talk to my professor's wife anymore. Even though, after the meeting, the wife of my Prof. went shopping together with the wife of Mandelbrot. :))))
Tags: german&swiss mentality, phd in germany

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