loyal_fr (loyal_fr) wrote,

Again about love

I have hardly woke up... Drinking my capuccino, thinking about the pic from devativators on my desktop:

...Would like to be this grandmother... It really doesn't much matter if you have a lot of money or no. The main thing is relations. And it really doesn't matter that my dear is from Switzerland or Germany, anyway I love him... :) but life sometimes can be cruel, at least a biiiit.

Waaaw, we have a morning tea at 9.45 today! It"s already 9.10. Strange thing: here for people 09:00 is increadibly early, they usually come to their offices at least at 10 (I mean in science). In Ukraine they are at 8 - 8.30 - 9.00 already awake. Our group was so unhappy about morning tea at 9.45 (professor has a lecture at 10.00)/ In Ukraine people would be happy to come to work at this time...

P.S. In UA I hardly woke up at 8, then 1 hour by metro, at 10.00 I was at work, every day 1 hour later. How could my boss survive it? And it didn't help to argue with me...
Tags: my every days' routine...
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